Every violinist who wants to develop a mature artistic personality needs to devote intense study to music, the instrument, and the body, as well as cultivating his/her imagination. The experience can be richly fulfilling if the student is provided with motivation and the most adequate advice at every step of the journey. As musicians, we all need to learn to ask the right questions. With his vast experience in performance and teaching, Stephan Picard has been supporting and encouraging violin students for several decades, attempting to help them find the most appropriate answers to their individual questions.

Every problem associated with violin technique can be traced back to a cause, which, in turn, leads back to a further cause, etc. Stephan Picard finds it important to analyse those causes in each individual case in order to help each student find the most effective path toward a long-term solution.

The teaching goal has been reached, in his view, when the students know their instrument and themselves to such an extent that they are prepared to go on growing as an artist for the rest of lives without requiring further assistance. When he sees that a student does not need him any longer, he feels confident that his training has finally reached its destination.


Niek Baar

Johann-Sebastian-Bach Wettbewerb 3.Prize

Karoline Bestehorn

Konzerthausorchester Berlin 2. Violin

Omer Bouchez

Quatuor Hermès

Elsa Brown

Deutsches- Symphonie Orchester 1. Violin

Philipp Bohnen

Berliner Philharmonic Orchestra 2. Violin

Anna- Maria Brödel

Staatsorchester Hannover 1. Violin

Harim Chun

NDR Hamburg 1. Violin

Verena Chen

Mahler Chamber Orchestra 1. Violin

Guillaume Chillemme

Concours International Marguerite Long- Jacques Thibaut 3. Prize

Aisling O´Dea

hr-sinfonieorchester Frankfurt/ Scottish Chamber Orchestra

Christian Van Eggelen

Concertgebouw Amsterdam 1.Violin

Guillame Faraut

Frankfurter Opern- und Museumsorchester 2. Violin



Guido Gärtner

Bayerisches Staatsorchester Munich 2. Violin

Elvira van Groningen

Mahler Chamber Orchestra 1.Violin

Stefan Hempel, Professor

Hochschule für Musik und Theater Rostock

Sophia Jaffé, Professor

Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt am Main

Martyn Jackson

Allegri String Quartet (GB)

Domas Juskys

Münchner Philharmoniker/ Hongkong Philharmonic Orchestra 1. Violin

Teresa Kammerer

Konzerthausorchester Berlin Vorspielerin 1. Violin

Viktoria Kaunzner, Professorin

Kangnam University German School of Music Weima

Alexander Kisch

Karajan-Akademie Berliner Philharmoniker, Peter- Pirazzi- Stiftung 1. Prize

Johanne Klein

Stellvertretende Stimmführerin 2. Violine  Badische Staatskapelle


Berliner Philharmoniker 1. Violine

Eren Kustan

RSB Berlin / Bilkent Orchester Ankara 1. Violin

Young Kun Kwak

Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester Frankfurt/Oder 1. Konzertmeister




Eunyoung Lee

Dresdner Philharmonie 1. Violin

Zohar Lerner

Konzertmeister Württembergisches Kammerorchester Heilbronn

Ladyslava Luchenko

Sinfonieorchester Biel Solothurn 1. Konzertmeisterin

Anna Malesza

International Carol Lipinski Violin Competition, 1. Preis

Jolente De Mayer

Professor Royal Conservatory Antwerpen

Adam Markowski

MDR-Sinfonieorchester 2. Violine

Tsuyoshi Moriya

Tokio- Berlin String Quartett

Roman Patocka

Deutsches Symphonie- Orchester Konzertmeister/ Talich- Quartett (CZ)

Birte Päplow

Staatsorchester Hannover 1. Violine

Alvaro Parra

Berliner Philharmoniker 1. Violine

Enrico Palascino

Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin 2. Violine

Traudel Reich

Münchner Philharmoniker 2. Violine


Thomas Reif

Symphonierchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks 1. koordinierter Konzertmeister

Petra Schwieger

2. Konzertmeisterin Staatskapelle Berlin


Johanna Staemmler

Armida- Quartett 2. Violine (u.a. 1. Preis ARD und Genf Wettbewerbe)

Elisaveta Shnayder

Tonhalle Orchester Zürich 1. Violine

Lukas Stepp

Dresdner Staatskapelle Konzertmeister 2. Violine

Julien Szulman

Konzertmeister Nantes und London Symphony Orchestra

Sophie Tangermann

Philharmonie Magdeburg Stellvertrende 1. Konzertmeisterin

Alexander Teichmann

Dresdner Philharmonie 1. Violine

Taro Uemura

Tokio University of Arts (Geidai) Associate Professor

Heimhild Wolter

Bayerisches Staatsorchester München 2. Violine

Dorian Xhoxhi

Berliner Philharmoniker 1. Violine

Galiya Zharova

Ysaye International Music Competition 1. Preis